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"Thank you All! You all have such great personalities and I can tell you all care about each individual that walks into your office. Thanks for making my experience a good one." --C. Casaus

"We love Dr. Kellam and his staff! In a day and age when going to a medical or dental office can feel impersonal, the friendly faces and familiar greetings from this group really stand out. Our daughter loves the relaxed feeling in the office and says that even on days when her braces get tightened she doesn't mind because everyone is so nice (and I think the cookies help!). My husband and I love that we've never been made to wait and the communication from the office is efficient and professional. It's almost time for our daughter's braces to come off, but we'll continue to recommend this office to anyone who needs orthodontic care. Thank you, Dr. Kellam & Co.--You rock!" --G. de Katona

"We love your office because everyone is always so cheerful and professional. We love your check-in system and we never have to wait." --Armijo Family

"Ever been to the dentist and felt at home there? This is the way I feel when I go to my monthly appointment. Everybody makes me feel safe and comfortable and the atmosphere is fun, warm and professional at the same time. All my questions are answered in a way that I understand them, and if there ever was a time where I could have done better in caring for my teeth, I was reminded, but always in a good way. I actually look forward to my monthly appointments! And I don't even have to drive to Santa Fe for it!" --I. Quinones

"I have had three of my children see Dr. Kellam and the service has always been exceptional. Fiona is my youngest and is getting just as great of care as my oldest 15 years ago! Staff has always been friendly and accomodating. Keep it up!" --K. Jensen

"We like Dr. Kellam's because of the way the kids are treated. We are greeted as we come in the door, and everyone always has a smile and kind words to say. The flavored molding is interesting, but the cookies are the best! We feel special each time we have an appointment, because of all the care and concern expressed by the staff. Everyone is so friendly that it's like one big family." --J. and M. Bilbo

"This is our second experience with Dr. Kellam's office having two daughters who needed orthodontia. There is a warm feeling to the office because everyone remembers not only your name, but seems to remember their meetings with you. Whether it is the special coffee or warm cookies, lots of smiles and friendly converstations, it doesn't feel like a dentist's office. It's easy-going and a friendly environment but instills confidence that you are getting the best orthodontic care. I'm so glad we found Dr. Kellam and his happy staff. Thanks." --S. Garcia

"We love your office because your staff is always friendly and accommodating. Dr. Kellam is truly a professional with exceptional skills. Both of my daughters bave been his patients with great results. Of course, Jayme most enjoyed the goodie bag that was given to her at her last visit, complete with balloons and a picture perfect smile. Joedy is looking forward to the caramel when her braces come off soon." --L. Quintana

"I love that your office is so cute and friendly. Everyone is always smiling and treats their patients awesome. I couldn't be any happier with my braces. I chose a great place to get my braces and the staff worked with me so I could afford them. Dr. K is a great orthodontist...I want to thank them all for all they have done. I tell people that need braces to go to Dr. Kellam's office first. The whole staff is wonderful and terrific!!!" --J. Esquibel

"I love that all of the staff is always so friendly and my son and I truly feel welcome when we come to the office. It really seems that everyone likes each other and their jobs. Of course, my son likes all the people's pictures on the wall and the snacks! :) " --C. Baca

"Here is a poem about how we feel about your office:

There once was an Ortho named Steve,
Whose patients knew well his pet peeve:
"To eat peanut brittle,
If only a little,
Is unwise and also naive!"

His dental advice is right on,
His staff, you can always count on!
As their beautiful hands are
Adjusting your bands,
The 70's music rocks on!"                                     

--Your pals, the Fox family


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